The History of
Chip Trainer

Born in a garage in Silicon Valley, this surprisingly low-tech tool provides a simple solution to improve your short game. The Chip Trainer allows golfers to simulate stance, ball position, posture, and grip, while receiving instant feedback on shot quality.

  • “I needed a way to improve my short-game off the course, because I didn’t have time or facilities to practice my chipping.”

    Tom Masucci

Any Place. Any Time.

We created the Chip Trainer for top performers looking to break par, executives who can’t get to the driving range, and anyone who wants to learn the game of golf. Our product is helping golfers practice on the course, leading to improvement on the course with these three simple Chip Trainer fundamentals.

With the Chip Trainer, you can reduce scores by 4-8 shots within a couple weeks of use. I created this tool to improve my short game at home. After the success it has brought me, I’m sharing it with golfers like you to transform your short game.


Corporate Events

Every golfer can improve their short game. The Chip Trainer is the only training device that includes both indoor and outdoor instructional content. When your tournament includes a Chip Trainer, we’ll work with the head professional and include a 30-minute short game lesson. Upon completion of the lesson, your customers and attendees have access to the balance of the lesson plan, and leave your event with an impression they’ll never forget.

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